OliveBoost 寵物專用橄欖葉草療補充劑
OliveBoost 寵物專用橄欖葉草療補充劑
OliveBoost 寵物專用橄欖葉草療補充劑
OliveBoost 寵物專用橄欖葉草療補充劑

OliveBoost 寵物專用橄欖葉草療補充劑

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Kiwivital OliveBoost 寵物專用橄欖葉草療補充劑 80g
+特含橄欖苦苷 + 專利 IDP

採用紐西蘭橄欖葉精華成份,特含橄欖苦苷(Oleuropein)結合專利IDP,有效✅提升免抗力、✅強化氣管、✅護心抗糖等功效。橄欖葉是天然的抗生素,能幫助身體💪🏻抗菌、💪🏻抗病毒和💪🏻抗炎等,是提升免疫系統非常好的天然保健品。在西草藥學中橄欖葉是家傳戶曉的經典古草秘方,千年歷史見證其天然療效。 適合任何年齡貓狗服用。

✔ 提升免抗力
- 有效殺滅超過120種常見的「菌·癬·蟲·毒」1,尤其酵母菌、金錢癬、潛伏性貓愛滋FIV、貓皰疹等 "難斷尾"病毒等,由內至外全面預防因免疫力失守而引致的感染疾病。阻止有害徵生物入侵身體,同時提升抵抗力。改善各種常見感染,包括:皮膚感染、非痊癒性 .潛伏病毒感染、 普遍流行性感染
✔ 強化氣管
- 配方有效透過舒張氣管步達致平喘,使呼吸暢順、強化心肺功能、預防感染發炎及減低症狀復發。專針對老年情緒、狗房咳、哮喘過敏、支氣管炎和氣管塌陷等而引起的呼吸道問題
✔ 護心抗糖
- 研究指出,橄欖葉配方有助保護心臟、 平穩血壓、對抗糖尿病等,可增加血管彈性,高效抗氧化


Kiwivital🌿 OliveBoost Herbal Therapy for pets
This unique herbal formula combines New Zealand Olive Leaf extract (Oleuropein) and patented IDP. Effectively ✅strengthens the immune system , ✅protects against viral and common infections ✅promotes heart health and optimizes blood sugar levels.
Olive Leaf Extract is an ancient western herbal remedy, with long-standing history and well known for its natural curative effects. Its main active component Oleuropein acts as a strong natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to alleviate various conditions. Suitable as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats. The formula is in powder form, simply add to pet’s feed once daily.

✔ Improves Immunity
- Proven effective against 120 types of common “bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses". The formula targets yeast/fungal/bacterial/viral, worms, mites and other parasitic infections from inside out.
- Strengthens the immune system against latent viral infections, such as in the cases of FIV , FeLV , FIP, CPV in cats and dogs. Speeds up recovery, enhances resilience and prevents against acute episodes or flare-ups due to immunodeficiency.
- Suitable for ✅Skin infections, ✅Latent infection, ✅Seasonal infections, ✅General protection

✔ Strengthens Respiratory and Lungs
- The formula is effective to ✅ ensure smooth relaxed breathing, ✅strengthens cardiopulmonary functions, ✅ reduce respiratory problems. Designed to relieve symptoms caused by aging, stress, kennel cough, trachea dysfunction, allergies, asthma and seasonal changes.

✔ Heart protection and anti-diabetic
- Olive Leaf Extract helps ✅protect the heart ✅lower high blood pressure ✅diabetes – maintain optimal blood sugar levels