Farmina VetLife Prescription Diet Feline Hepatic 85g (12 cans)

Farmina VetLife Prescription Diet Feline Hepatic 85g (12 cans)

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  • 成分的品質和飲食的寶貴消化率促進營養物質更好的吸收和利用。
  • 低水平的銅限制了對肝細胞的毒性作用。
  • 肝鋅與銅沉積相反,具有抗纖維化作用。
  • 高品質成分和獨特配方有助於對抗病理性厭食症。

 Farmina Vet Life Hepatic 是一種針對貓咪的完整飲食食品,可在慢性肝功能不全的情況下支持肝功能。蛋白質含量適中,經過精選且高度易消化。


水煮蛋、地瓜、雞柳、藜麥籽萃取、魚油、水解魚蛋白、雞脂肪、碳酸鈣、氯化鉀、二水硫酸鈣。低聚果糖(0.15%)、甘露低聚醣酵母、氯化鈉、豌豆纖維、葡萄糖胺、硫酸軟骨素、絲蘭:ca schidigera、乾啤酒酵母。蛋白質來源:散裝雞蛋、雞柳、藜麥籽萃取、水解魚酵母萃取物(蛋白質來源)。


粗蛋白質7.50%;粗脂肪4.80%:粗纖維0.35%;粗灰分1.90%;水分78.00% 鈣0.22% 磷0.18%;鈉 0.10% 鉀 0.20%:Omega-6 脂肪酸 0.80% Omega-3 脂肪添加 0.35% EPA 0.10% DHA 0.10% 總銅 155mg/ky。


  • The quality of the ingredients and the valuable digestibility of the diet promote a better absorption and usags of nutrients. 
  • The low level of Copper limits the toxic effects on hepatocytes.
  • HepaticZinc contrasts Copper deposit and has antifibrotic action.
  • High quality ingredients and exclusive Formula to help in contrasting the pathology-induced anorexia.



Farmina Vet Life Hepatic is a complete dietetic food for cats for the support of liver function in the case of chronic liver Insufficiency. Moderate level of protein, selected and highly digestible.



boiled chicken eggs, sweet potato, chicken fillet, quinoa seed extracted, fish oil, hydrolysed fish protein, chicken fat, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate dihydrate. fructo-oligosaccharides (0.15%), yeast of manno-oligo-saccharides), Sodium chloride, pea fibre, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, Yucca: ca schidigera, dried brewers' yeast. Protein sources: bolled chicken eggs, chicken fillet, quinoa seed extracted, hydrolysed fish yeast extract (source protein. 

Analytical constituents:

crude protein 7.50%; crude fat 4.80%: crude fibres 0.35%; crude ash 1.90%; moisture 78.00% Calcium 0.22% Phosphorus 0.18%; Sodium 0.10% Potassium 0.20%: Omega-6 fatty acids 0.80% Omega-3 fatty adds 0.35% EPA 0.10% DHA 0.10% total copper 155mg/ ky.

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